Painter José Ricketts Escomel opening speech at the unveiling ceremony of Martha Puch’s Oils and Watercolors Exhibition at the Centro Cultural Chaves de la Rosa (UNSA) on 2 July 1999 in Arequipa, Peru

Small, lively and energetic, she is like a steam engine. Raised in far corners of the world and born, as if by destiny, in Rupa Rupa (Tingo Maria), she was taken to Arequipa when she was only 6 months old. Martha Puch has retraced her steps to bring us a handful of her canvasses which reflect her femininity, her battles, her readings, and her most vital humanistic principles.

They represent masks of those women who still today dwell with violence and cynicism, but on the other hand have a very deep mystical feeling for others.

To be able to know the genuine truth, it is necessary to give birth and make something live, and then dream about it (and by this I am not referring only to children).

Martha grows up in the neighborhood, with nuns, in her house and her garden. She skews briefly towards architecture, only to take a deep plunge into drawing and painting.

She has breakfast in Montana, lunch in New York, tequila in Chihuahua, dinner in Houston, and then goes out in search of life at night, on her own and with two beautiful children on her back, between Washington and Fontainebleau, where she provisionally settles down.

Armed with the Spanish language, drawing, sewing and commissioned portraits, she faces old Europe where she leaves her mark, and then gathers her second husband (who is her current companion). She saturates the small town and finally moves to Paris, where she now enjoys its vital energy, a well-deserved cultural environment, two gorgeous children, and a husband who knows how to balance time and security.

Without a doubt this woman, a product of this surprising city of Arequipa, has lived a very full life, amassed countless experiences and has enjoyed her life to the fullest.

It is because of Martha Puch’s vital courage, down to earth demeanor and boundless curiosity which lead her to glide throughout the world that we are now honored to witness the exhibition of this admirable woman.

By José Ricketts Escomel

Individual Exhibition
Oil Paintings and Watercolors
Small Formats
Centro Cultural Chavez de la Rosa – UNSA
Friday, 2 July 1999, at 7:00 pm